Reverend Orin Bowling

Leader of the Church of Christ's Passion


Orin Bowling is a Reverend of the Church of Christ’s Passion, a restoration church that was formed in August of 1878. He was chased out of Peoria, Illinois for “unchristian-like behaviors.” Members were mixed gender, but women were given equal treatment in the church. Fearing that Reverend Bowling’s sect would lead to another Mormon-like polygamist church the religious leaders of Peoria organized in January 1879 and chased Bowling out of town, burnt down the church and ensured the husbands of the women leaders reclaimed their wives as God intended.

Lives began to return to normal for the families who had once been members of Church of Christ’s Passion until all six women who had held positions of leadership began to show their pregnancies at approximately the same time. While whispers of infidelity were heard around Peoria, the decent folk believed the husbands had just been eager to show their wives how much they missed them.

In mid-August 1879, six very pregnant women disappeared from their homes in the middle of the night and have not been seen from since. When law enforcement stated they could not stage a search and rescue for so many women, the husbands of the missing women hired bounty hunters to do what no one else was willing to do. The trail has led to Dodge City.


Reverend Orin Bowling

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