Francisco Domingo de Salamanca

Spanish Priest/Crusader


Agility d6
Smarts d4
Spirit d10
Strength d6
Vigor d8

Faith (Spirit) d8
Fighting (Agility) d6
Intimidation (Spirit) d4
Knowledge (Religion) (Smarts) d4
Persuasion (Spirit) d6
Riding (Agility) d6
Shooting (Agility) d4
Swimming (Agility) d4
Guts (Spirit) d6

Charisma -
Pace 6
Parry 5 (6)
Toughness 6
Encumbrance 3 (Load Limit 30)
Cash $240

Rapier (Str+d4; Parry 1)
Colt Army (2d6
1, AP 1) (50 rounds)
Knife (Str+d4)

Horse and saddle (name – Peregrinus)
Outfit (Wide-brimmed hat, duster, trousers, chaps, boots)
Belt and Holster
Large Bible with protective cover, worn at the hip via shoulder strap
Mess Kit
Bed Roll

Code of Honour (Major)
Vow (Minor)
Loyal (Minor)

Arcane Background (Miracles)


Francisco is a member of a secret society of knights, the Order of Montesa. He has traveled from Spain to attempt to recover a relic lost to his order, the Crux de San Javier (large crucifix). While searching for the relic he will oppose the forces of evil with extreme zeal.

Personality – Lawful Good paladin with some Zorro mixed in. He tends to classify people as good or bad with little consideration for shades of grey. He is somewhat naive due to a cloistered upbringing.

Worst Nightmare: Being lost in a wasteland and tormented by the Devil for 40 days and 40 nights.

Francisco Domingo de Salamanca

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