Valentina Thorne

Ruthless Bounty Hunter


Agility d10
Smarts d6
Spirit d4
Strength d4
Vigor d6

Guts d4
Intimidation d4
Investigation d6
Notice d4
Shooting d12
Streetwise d6
Tracking d6

Charisma -
Pace 6
Parry 2
Toughness 4
Max Bennies 3
Grit 1(?)

Arrogant (Major)
Doubting Thomas (Minor)
Vengeful (Minor)

Quick Draw (Free, Human)
Trademark Weapon (Pistol)

Double-Action Colt Peacemaker w/ Pearl Handle ($15)
Quickdraw Holster and Gun Belt ($13)
3 Boxes Pistol Ammo ($6)
6 Speedload Cylinders ($18)
Evans Old Model Sportster (Rifle) ($30)
Box Rifle Ammo ($4)
Remaining ($164)


The Thorne family is a large clan out of Denver. The family trade is bail enforcement, and Valentina was brought up to follow it. She’s been firing guns almost since she could walk. Her pistol is named ‘Shooty’, since she received it from her father Lucas when she was 6 years old.

Working solo or alongside various members of her family across the West, she’s brought in many outlaws and renegades, including: Jake “The Rattlesnake” Wilks, the McMurty Gang, Alma “Duchess” Hodges, Othaniel O. Antony, Leland Palmerston, and the infamous Desmond Benzinger. For the most part she has been successful in past hunts, but there is one outlaw she has faced a few times and failed to bring in, Alexander “Butch” Sweeney. Butch killed her brother Titus in Kansas City, and Valentina has sworn to avenge him.

Valentina tends to rely on her ability to shot her way out of problems. She’s not inclined towards superstition or mysticism of any kind, including the concept of ‘luck’. Dealing mostly with the scum of the earth in her day job, she’s perfectly willing to attribute any sort of horrors she encounters to human nature.

Valentina Thorne

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