Jeb "Big Boom" Biggum

Mad Scientist and Explosive Connoisseur


XP: 5

  • Agility – d6
  • Smarts – d8
  • Spirit – d6
  • Strength – d4
  • Vigor – d6
  • Charisma – 0
  • Grit – 1
  • Pace – 6"
  • Parry – 2 plus half fighting die
  • Toughness – 5 (2 plus half Vigor die)
  • Curious (Major)
  • Hard of Hearing (Minor) -2 to Notice
  • Quirk (Minor) – Firebug
  • Arcane Background (Weird Science)
  • Luck (+1 Benny at the start of each session)
  • Scavenger (Once per session, may “remember” he has a piece of much-needed equipment on him)
  • Fighting – d4
  • Guts – d4
  • Knowledge (Chemistry) – d4
  • Knowledge (Demolitions) – d6
  • Knowledge (Occult) – d4
  • Notice – d4-2
  • Repair – d6
  • Riding – d4
  • Shooting – d4
  • Survival – d4
  • Throwing – d6
  • Weird Science – d8

Power Points: 20 (1s rolled on Trait die result in spectacular failure of device causing 2d6 damage in medium burst template centered on the user)

  • Big Boom’s Spectral Spottin’ Spectacles
    • Rank: Novice
    • Power Points: 2
    • Range: Sight
    • Duration: 3 (1/round) or 1 hour (1/hour)
    • Power Points: 20
    • Effect: This pair of goggles allows the wearer to detect the presence of the arcane, specifically ghost rock. The wearer can also see through concealed arcana with an opposed Weird Science roll against the concealer’s skill. Seeing through concealed powers can only be used once per use of the goggles.
  • $95.65
  • 50ct .42 calibur rifle rounds (6wt)
  • 20ct shotgun shells (2wt)
  • Backpack (3wt)
  • Bedroll (10wt)
  • Canteens, 4 full (16wt)
  • Dynamite, 24 sticks (12wt)
  • Fuse, 50ft (1wt)
  • Hammer (2wt)
  • Hatchet (2.5wt)
  • Lantern (4wt)
  • Lantern Oil, 1 gallon (6wt)
  • Matches, 100ct (1/4wt)
  • Pick (12wt)
  • Pipe (3/4wt)
  • Rope, 50ft (8wt)
  • Shovel (5wt)
  • Smoking Tobacco Pouch (1wt)
  • Shotgun Thong (0wt)
  • Mule “Irene”
  • Saddle (30wt)
  • Saddlebags (5wt)
  • Trail Rations, 30 day supply (90wt)
  • LeMat Carbine (.42) & Shotgun (16-ga) (9wt)
    • Range: 20/40/80 & 12/24/48
    • Damage: 2d8 & 1-3d6
    • Rate of Fire: 1
    • Ammo: 9
    • AP1
  • Dynamite (1 stick) (0.5wt)
    • Range: 4/8/16
    • Damage: 2d6
    • Small Burst Template
  • Dynamite (2 sticks) (1wt)
    • Range: 4/8/16
    • Damage: 3d6
    • Small Burst Template
  • Dynamite (4 sticks) (2wt)
    • Range: 3/6/12
    • Damage: 4d6
    • Medium Burst Template
  • Dynamite (8 sticks) (4wt)
    • Range: 2/4/8
    • Damage: 5d6
    • Large Burst Template

About four months ago, Jeb woke up in a crater with a bump on his noggin’ and a ringin’ in his ears. He couldn’t remember why he was there, or much anything else for that matter. In fact, the only solid memory in Jeb’s head was the name of his trusty mule, Irene, who he found just outside the crater.

A traveling salesman found Jeb stumbling out of the crater and escorted him to nearby Cedar City. The peculiar circumstances surrounding Jeb and the crater quickly spread around town. Some said the Agency wiped his memory and left him for dead in the Nevada desert. Others said Jeb made the crater when he fell to the Earth after some bizarre experiment gone awry. Despite the gap in his memory, Jeb is pretty sure he just witnessed the most beautiful explosion of his life that knocked him out cold and can’t remember it.

During his recovery, Jeb realized he had a knack for building strange contraptions. Jeb made for Springfield, Massachusetts to strike it big as a fancy inventor for the Smith & Robards company, but only got as far as Dodge City before he ran out of money. There, he used his last few dollars to purchase tools to mine for ghost rock in the buttes and banks of the Arkansas River.

Worst Nightmare: Jeb has an irrational fear of carnival folk. His worst nightmare is being kidnapped by carnies and forced to join the circus.

Jeb "Big Boom" Biggum

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